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Campaign + Advertising


This project was to deliver a new look for the Colorado Ballet and the 60th Season anniversary. These production visuals needed to both capture the traditional ballet audience and current season ticket holders while appealing to a new demographic they were missing: Millennials. Each visual captures the athleticism and art of each production while highlighting key elements dramatically through type choice, color and lighting to entice the viewers. 
SCOPE: Logo creation, production key visuals, photoshoot, season
brochure mailer

Role: Art Director

Process Concepts


This concept was focused more on the art meeting athlete, while becoming a art composition of it's own. Each piece utilized colors and elements of each story, showing one unified, curated dynamic yet simple visual.

LIGHT_collage_NUT_R2_V2_LOGO ONLY.png
LIGHT_collage_OZ_V1_LOGO ONLY.png
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