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Packaging & Rebrand

Silk Dairy

Silk was looking to update their overall branding packaging, in phases, based on each product lines/markets specific set of needs and considerations. 
After many rounds of design testing and consumer feedback, we developed a design system that incorporates both food photography and a carefully chosen set of typefaces that really propelled this brand into a new space. 

SCOPE: Rebranding, Packaging for Milks, Almond Yogurts, Soy Yogurts, Almond Creamers, Soy Creamers

Role: Art Director + Senior Packaging Designer

Silk Family Shot
Silk creamers
vanilla Almond Yogurt.png

Barista Collection

This project is a an Away From Home product, specially formulated to craft hot beverages by professional baristas.

Scope: Barista logo type, packaging, illustration, photoshoot
Role: Art director, illustrator

Barista Collection.png
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