Packaging & Branding


One Touch

The challenge here was creating a new product brand from scratch that would will still have the essence of I.D. From product naming to identity and bottle form, this team created it all. This concept gives the consumer a coffee house experience with a hand drawn coffee shop inspired logo while standing apart from other creamers and milk in the same location in store. Many designs and names were tested and this is the carefully crafted design that hit the shelves as a new before seen aerated coffee creamer and latte maker.
SCOPE: Brand + identity creation, packaging, food photography, instruction illustration
Art Director + Senior Packaging Designer




International Delight was looking to revamp their seasonal lines of creamers while staying within the architecture of the main line of creamers. Turning subtle yet strategic elements, such as the table surface, background & ribbon etc, into seasonable touches that delight gave each of these fun differentiation they need to stand out and capture the magic of the season's flavors. 
SCOPE: Rebranding, Packaging for Milks, Almond Yogurts, Soy Yogurts, Almond Creamers, Soy Creamers

Role: Art Director + Senior Packaging Designer