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Packaging & Branding

P&G: SKin Care Product


This challenge involved creating skin care brands to fill a retail need for a premium, clean label, & naturally based line. 

32 degrees took the powerful Icelandic minerals from algae water to form a cooling krem. The glass form was created to mimic the gorgeous natural Icelandic landscape while hinting that this product is cooling on skin.
The branding and type face set the premium and clean tone the client was aiming for.

SCOPE: Product Invention, Naming, Branding, Packaging

Role: Art Director


Packaging & Branding

Silk: Minimal ingredient line

Silk was aiming to create a new sub-brand within their product portfolio  with as few ingredients as possible. This line needed to quickly communicate the simplicity of each product while playing in the pure and natural food space. Strategic color use differentiates the various beverage and food type while consistent and deliberate typeface use unities them as strong sub-brand on shelf

SCOPE: Product naming, Branding, Packaging

Role: Art Director

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 1.07.25 AM.png
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